Urban Institute

Urban Outreach Institute- Learning to Grow together!
READY, SET….GROW! Urban Youth Discovering Purpose & their Potential.

The Urban Outreach Institute continues to develop.

Four tracks are in the works as a response to the pressing needs in India.

The 4 Tracks are:

1. Marriage & Family- This involves training in pre-marriage & marriage counseling, mentoring and divorce recovery. Family ministry involves courses on child care and hygiene, gender equality and distinction, parenting children, teens and adults, mixed families, dealing with abuse, substance and other types, financial planning, etc.

2. Compassionate & Creative Outreach- Rehab & Recovery, community development, sports, arts and music ministry.

3. Godly Leadership & Administration- Business, Church and NGO leadership skills, coaching and masterplanning.

4. Disciple-Making For Everyone- A course on starting Disciple-making movements.

Please pray as we develop these tracks and their instructors.

To get involved, please email me: brad@passion4people.org