Past Missions

Big Stunts, Big Change!
The Greatest Talents on earth share how their lives have been transformed for the good by faith in God, inspiring youth to trust God too.

See Passion In Action!
(2010-2015 Trip & Event Photos are on Facebook)

Vizag Cityfest 2015

After the state divided that put Hyderabad and our main office in a new state, we were finally able to come again and do another cityfest in Vizag. This time two new bands from the US and a new Motocross rider joined the team. We also clothed over 1000 slum children’s feet through F5 clinics in conjunction with the festival.

Cityfest 2013

With the help of several new partners who had seen God work through Cityfest 2012, the team went to work immediately and put on another cityfest in a city near Hyderabad. The results were good, though the follow up was hindered by extremist setting off two bombs within a few days of the event and attacking team members. Overall, many were lead to a transformed life in Christ. More than 1000 children received dental care, flip-flops and hundreds of outfits to wear for the new year.

Hyderabad Cityfest 2012

After the first Cityfest, leaders and youth alike pleaded for another one to help them reach their urban friends. A fresh line-up along with members from 2009 had a great impact with even more young people making life-changing decisions to follow Jesus.

Establish Permanent Base In India- Butchers Moved

In 2011, the Butcher family moved to India to establish a base of operation for the organization, establishing a team, a trust and to develop a sustainable business to help keep things working in India even after they leave. This is all still in process, but much progress has been made. The Citylife Cafe is up and running. The Urban Outreach Institute Resource Center and Library. A call center that is struggling, but with God’s help will turn around.

Urban Outreach Leadership Summit 2010

Forty couples from all over Hyderabad came for three days. For many it was the first conference they have attended with both husband and wife present. We discussed and challenged each other on how to balance ministry and family life, how to balance humanitarian work with Good News work, we spoke honestly about the challenges of our day and how to grow together in addressing them with God’s help. Awesome time!

Hyderabad Cityfest 2009
CityFest brought together a new approach to both outreach and follow-up.  Using new means such as motocross and rock bands, Cityfest had an estimated 60% or higher crowd ratio of young urban youth who had no connections with local churches. Follow up included text messaging and an email campaign due to the percentage of decision makers who are techies and far removed from church culture.  Our hope remains to see them committed to Christ-following within the community of believers. Please pray for this and for ongoing development as we prayerfully consider more festivals and more ways to build bridges between the Church and the overlooked and oppressed.SLUMS – Another aspect of the festival campaign was to mobilize Christ-followers to serve the slums of their city.  A number of young people joined the P4PI team in putting on a medical camp and foot-washing clinic.  We treated mostly adults and washed the feet of over 200 children.  Every child left with a new pair of protective footwear and a message from God through us that they are loved!  Our hope is that churches in Hyderabad and the US will choose to adopt these slums and have an ongoing service ministry there to the glory of Christ.

Rock of Ages Festival 2009
God worked in amazing ways at Rock of Ages Festival 2008!  He stopped the rain, protected the electricity and touched at least 250 people to turn their lives back over to Him!  More stories to come, check out the pics below.  At least 8000 people attended!

The Big Love-Hyderabad, India Feb 2009
P4PI partner evangelists, Keith Cook & Rick Willison (Xtreme Team) put on “the big love” training rally for us.  This is some of the fruit to our 5 previous trips to Hyderabad starting over 2 years ago.  We’re still hoping to do a major festival there in February 2010 with Motocross!  Let’s Keep praying!

Rock of Ages Festival 2008
God worked in amazing ways at Rock of Ages Festival 2008!  He stopped the rain, protected the electricity and touched at least 250 people to turn their lives back over to Him!  More stories to come, check out the pics below.  At least 8000 people attended!

Honduras, June 2008
P4PI partnered with Grace Point Community Church to put on a family conference for pastors and their families working in the rural mountain areas of Honduras.  Following this conference the team will be heading to the capital to minister to the 2000 people living in the City Dump.  Below are pictures from the trip so far.  We visited 3 children’s homes.  Amazing works of God!

Ranipet, India 2008
India 2008 Mission focused on Ranipet, India.  Ranipet is one of the ten most polluted cities in the world!  Our team conducted 2 major medical camps serving 100’s of poverty bound families.  Partnering with the Luis Palau, Next Generation Alliance, our team joined 8 other teams to saturate the entire district of Vellore in Tamil Nadu state.  A district of over 4 million people.  Along with serving the people of Ranipet, our team traveled several hours into the remote mountain region of the district to conduct a medical camp in an isolated village.  The pastors in the region had prayed for 20 years that God would open doors for them to minister to the people of this hostile village.  The medical camp was an answer  to that prayer.   In the end most of the people were very glad to have outsiders come make friends with them and give them much needed medical and spiritual help!  Those same pastors are now starting a community of believers in this village!  Our team also ministered in the slum-city of Hyderabad.  We plan to go back to the same locations in the coming year(s) and we hope some of you will consider going with us!

Ponneri, India 2007
MEDICAL CLINICS: We served nearly 800 people in 4 camps.  Everyone received professional and spiritual help.  Over 100’s prayed with our team, many trusted in Christ!

Tamil Nadu,Madurai, India – September 5-18th, 2006
Our team of 11 servants partnered with various Christian groups, including the Church of South India to bring God’s message of Hope & forgiveness, equality and renewal to over 6000 people in multiple gatherings, including the International Leprosy Mission.